The Unusual ‘OptiChannel’ Strategy [MASTERCLASS MATERIALS]

Earlier today, hundreds of Agencies, Commercial Printers, and B2B marketing & sales professionals from around the world attended the Masterclass Training titled:

“The Unusual ‘OptiChannel’ Strategy That Created 4,258 Leads

(And How To ETHICALLY Copy It For Your B2B Business In Less Than 45 Minutes!)”

In this 90 minute class, we taught a new framework that’s unlocking LinkedIn, Email, Facebook, and other channels to create more leads and opportunities for all sorts of companies.

Participation was high for the attendees, and we had a blast walking everyone through this new framework.

In case you missed it, here are the Video, Audio Only, Slides (PDF) — and then your next steps:




📜 Masterclass Slides (PDF)


For those ready to put this training into practice and start creating more leads and sales using the OptiChannel Framework, you should:

STEP 1- Get the “OptiChannel Recession Buster”

STEP 2- Attend next week’s orientation on Tuesday, 8:00 AM PT

NOTE: Registration for this exclusive training ends Sunday at midnight.