[PODCAST] Nordstrom & J. Jill Make a $125 Million Error by Cutting Direct Mail (Your Customers Are Probably Making the Same Mistake)

Nordstrom and J. Jill haven’t spoken about their failure with Direct Mail: until now.

Incredibly, both retailers just made extraordinary statements to Wall Street after their revenues fell.

In both situations, Direct Mail was involved (and not in the way you think).

In this episode of the “Short Attention Span Sales Podcast” (https://billfarquharson.com/podcast/), the podcast featuring issues and interviews relevant to salespeople who sell print, Bill Farquharson (author and sales trainer at AspireFor.com), Kelly Mallozzi (rainmaker at Success.In.Print), and Dave Rosendahl (co-founder, MindFire) share:

  • These two major companies made one wrong decision with print … and suffered a $125 million loss in revenue
  • How every printer wants to sell more print, but often lack the stories and proof. These 2 case studies could make it easier to sell — but only if used in the right way
  • How print does things that digital marketing simply cannot, and why the Nordstrom and J. Jill examples will help forward-thinking salespeople open new opportunities
  • Why it pays to pay attention, and how you — as a salesperson — need to consume blogs, articles, LinkedIn to turn current events into sales opportunities

Your Turn

After you listen, let’s discuss: What do you think? Are you surprised by how Direct Mail was involved? How many of your clients are making this same mistake?

We want to hear your thoughts and perspective: drop us a comment below.  The most insightful comment gets a free copy of Bill and Kelly’s book!

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