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David Rosendahl Media Bio & Press Kit

Media Bio

David is the president & co-founder of MindFire, a two-time Inc500 award-winning software company. Commercial printers, agencies, & brands like BMW, Microsoft, Harvard, Facebook, & 15,000+ other companies grow their leads & sales with MindFire’s unique marketing platform that finds & engages clients using direct mail, email, & social.

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Interview Questions & Topics

David can speak to the following in interviews (podcasts, articles, and so on); when interviewing David, no question is off limits, so by no means is the following a comprehensive summary:

  • The dueling, often-at-odds role conflicts between entrepreneurship, fatherhood, and being a husband
  • What it takes to start from an idea and gain initial traction
  • Why most marketing and salespeople these days are in for a rude awakening — and job loss — unless they adapt
  • How technology is going to make marketing and salespeople better — and why marketing automation is often the wrong decision
  • Why print is not dead — and how it is used efficiently by companies of all sizes to generate leads and grow revenue (and how Facebook helps improve direct mail in a way few people know)
  • How commercial printers can grow their leads and sales, and why it is essential that they do regular, ongoing self-promotion (or run the risk of severe revenue swings)
  • The “zero data problem” (see more here: https://mindfiredavinci.com/do-you-suffer-from-the-zero-data-problem/), and how companies can avoid this to leapfrog their competitors
  • How companies like Nordstrom & J. Jill made strategic errors by cutting direct mail — and how commercial printers, agencies, and brand marketers need to learn this important lesson before it is too late (see more here: https://mindfiredavinci.com/nordstrom-president-cuts-direct-mail-then-this-happened/)
  • How MindFire was once in the dry desert of “no leads” — and the strange strategy that turned things around (even without requiring more staff, new content, or new data to feed acquisition efforts)
  • How to use LinkedIn (and in general, social media) to create awareness and drive leads
  • Why if you’re not demanding attention in your market, you’re likely dying a slow death — and why money follows attention
  • How Dave went from wanting to be a world-class classical pianist to a software entrepreneur — and the critical lesson his early piano training taught him (and how Tony Robbins later said the same)
  • The difference between being a consumer of social media and a producer — and how this mind-shift makes all the difference for business owners, marketers, and salespeople
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