Commercial Printers Use MindFire To Grow Sales

Create More Leads For Your Print Business, Or Sell High-Margin OptiChannel Services To Your Clients

Want to Accelerate Your Print Sales?

Commercial Printers use MindFire to create more leads for their print business. And, to sell high-margin OptiChannel services to their Clients.

You likely find it more and more difficult to engage your prospects and customers for new business.

As a print service provider, you likely find it more and more difficult to engage your prospects and customers for new business.  Like you, customers are busy racing from one task to the next, entirely too consumed to talk about print.


As a result, your monthly revenues are vulnerable to nasty swings: up one month, down the next.  MindFire puts an end to this.


How? By keeping you top-of-mind using OptiChannel marketing — including engaging content, lead magnets, and regular communication with your clients and prospects.


This way, you don’t have to wait for customers to engage you.  Your marketing program creates new, fresh leads. Every day.

Sell High-Margin Print Campaigns Supercharged With Facebook, E-Mail, & Other Digital Channels

If you’re ready to offer OptiChannel marketing services to your clients, you’ll need a trusted partner who can help you each step of the way.


With MindFire’s marketing technology, we’ll help you create new opportunities within your customer base — like connecting direct mail with Facebook — to create more leads and revenue.


We’ll train you to design marketing workflows that improve your customers’ existing marketing programs through lead scoring, trigger-based follow-up, and reporting.  And by tapping into our cloud-based platform and APIs, you’ll deeply embed yourself within your customer’s business.


Let us help you grow your OptiChannel Sales Revenue.

In a world of constant change, many of our customers are looking for help with OptiChannel Program Sales to their customers. If your team shows no interest in this area or lack the solution sales capabilities necessary to deliver the sales results you need, we have created a program just for you!


The MindFire, Sales as a Service Program is a comprehensive Go-to-Market Sales Program designed to generate new, high-value, OptiChannel program sales to your customers and prospects.


We have the experience and expertise to hit the ground running and speed your success in this critical area of need. We have been successfully selling and launching these programs for over twenty years. As such, we know what is required to move the needle sooner, rather than later.


The program lets your sales team stay focused on print sales while we deliver new revenue and long-term program sales across your customer base. Your customers are spending thousands of dollars a month on these services and this is net new revenue to fuel your growth. The best part of these programs is that they include print products as well.


The program is tailor-designed to your company and provides you with everything you need from day one.


There are three levels of service for your program needs.


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